A million naira per month Partnership System

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Make consistent flow of millions of Naira per month Partnering with KIT NG LTD

Well, Like I always say. There’s no intent to bother you with any unwanted and misleading commitments.

I am writing this content to grant you access to an opportunity of partnering with KIT NG LTD.

KIT NG LTD wants to start paying you 30% to 50% commission for every sale made for them using your unique partnership link and get paid straight to your bank account every Fridays of the week.

Benefits (What you stand to gain)

1. 30% to 50% commission for every sale made
2. Step by Step and A-Z video tutorials on how to get started 
3. Free Access to our Social Media marketing service Standard plan located at CLICK HERE to see: With this promotional tools alone, you should be able to make crazy sales via free traffics using your Facebook Account. It is hassle free tools.


One time partnership fee of N2,000 only


Question: How can I know the commission on a particular product?
Answer: Ask by sending us the product(s) you want to promote and we will tell you the type of commission on the product. Either 30% or 50%

If you are interested. CLICK HERE to place your order.

You may also visit our shop by CLICKING HERE to checkout the products and services we offer

If you have any further question or inquiry please use the Facebook Comment box below.