KMS Partnership Business Straight & Simple Explanation

Dear sir/madam,

I appreciate you once more for taking the right step to partner with KIT NG LTD & Co.

The truth needed to be told and do not be fooled by anyone.

You'll make money without selling? If I hear?

You're either selling your skills, your time, your body, your life, or your product.

Even yahoo boys are selling their lies and prostitutes are selling what my lips are sealed to say.

Truth is, we all came into this world to sell and if you don't try to become a good sales person, you will be sold and still be sold to.

The smartest sellers are the ones who carry out their selling through the internet. When did Jumia, Konga and the likes came around? Just think about it...

But wait a minute....

How many people know how to sell? And that's why KIT NG LTD & Co. are giving you opportunity and tools to resell their products and make your profits. KIT NG LTD & Co. is also set to do the 95% of the job for you by:

1. Giving you their HOT materials with Resell right (You can even sell each of this products for N6,000 or N8, 000 and make 100% pure profits from it.

2. It is not compulsory for you to refer because KIT NG LTD & Co. would give you Free Email marketing Service with
Over 50,000 Hot Hungry Buyers ready to hunt the products/services you have Resell right to sell from KIT NG LTD & Co.

3. You do not even need to rack your brain in order to resell the products/materials from KMS. We have packaged already made content you can copy, edit and send to ready hungry buyers provided to you by KIT NG LTD & Co. So if you can just dedicate 30 minutes of your time 3 times in a week in order to respond to your customers then you are good to go.

3. We would create a landing page or sales funnel for you with your details on it.

4. KIT NG LTD & Co. would still be the one to deliver the products on your behalf to your customers and also give them support on that.

So, we can say all these are even more than 95%.Visit the link below to signup right away

The 95% of the job that would be done for you by KMS would only be available starting from GURU to GOVERNOR PLAN. Jagaban and Professional plan work are to be done yourself but we would also provide our automated tools and tutorials to go about it.

Warning: Before you continue, you must be a registered and active KMS member in order to promote our products and earn profits. If you are ready to partner with us kindly visit this link==> and select any of your choice of plan in order to start partnering with us.

KMS Partners’ Network – It is regarded as a marketing skill or association between KMS Brand and you (Partner), in which we pay the Partner a commission for referring someone else to purchase the vendor’s product or service through the Partner’s Blog/ Website which we have developed for the vendor.

More info and partners payment proofs at

 How to Search Availability of Product(s) on KMS

 If you cant see your choice of product listed below. Please kindly visit and then see your screen right wdiget side bar or scroll down if you are using a mobile phone. You would see a "Search Box and Button". Input the name of the product or service you want and click on "Search" red button. Below is a screen shot of the Search Box and Button

You can access all KMS products ready for promotion via this link

Partnership Program:


1. Financial Empowerment:

2. Email Marketing:

P.S: If you want to promote any product either by category or direct product. First Visit the product link, then copy the url and add /?ref=XXXX . Repplce "xxxx" with your partnership username.

For example: You want to promote all products at Financial Empowerment: . And your partnership username is "kms" Then what you would do is to make the url look like this

P.5 Partnership Office Acces Link:

Kolawole Saporu (IM Tycoon)

License to make you kesh even on a block Head!


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