KMS Want To Start Sending You A Payment Of ₦20,000 to over ₦450,000 Commission Every Time They Make A Sale FOR YOU on your Website or Blog Straight To Your Bank Account Every Fridays!


THE C.E.O of KMS & KIT NG LTD is a well known successful online entrepreneur (Info marketer) around the net. He has being around the net for over 10 Years with no scam record and he knows what people want.

KMS Partnership System

We at KMS & KIT NG LTD (BN & RC: OD11862 {Registered Business Name & Company With CAC}) also owner of, and many more are offering you a great opportunity to make sales for you and start earning between 25,000 to 300,000 guarantee every week either with your mobile phone or system.

We will surely train you even if you are a newbie to internet business. We want you to note that you will have great support from us. We won’t let you go until you make it except you decide to go or refuse to do any thing. Very unfortunately many people are in that category


If you can just please spare me 21 minutes of your time to watch the video below, It will really change the way you think about online business. I promise you, this video will not exceed 21 minutes

Are you wasting hours, days and
months thinking about: 

What product to sell

What customers might want or need and how to fill that need

How to make more money online

How to make more money… RIGHT NOW…

How you might create a product that works

How much help you might need for that

Is your writing good enough for the copy you may need

Do you have enough spare time to start finding or creating such an instant already-working product

Do you have the spare cash to plough into developers, profesional copywriters, designers or ideas-men

Look… When Are You Going To Stop Watching Other People Selling Successfully And Make this YOUR YEAR To Be The Money-Making Professional?

I know you’ve seen it. Those adverts in between YouTube Videos where the girl or guy tells you how easy it was for them to reach a few million dollars, and then they tell you that you too can copy it… and get the big house, the plush car, the nice cat - and the girl - or boy.

But it’s a whole mess isn’t it?

Your first thought is“I can’t do that, that looks too complicated, too much hard work, signing into this and that, reading this and that…too much creating and investing and selling”… and that’s all before you know if it’ll even work! It’s not easy creating something from scratch and testing it to see if it works. It can take ages.

So I get it. Really I do.

I’ve been “there” too.

Let me ask you something...

One of the first AHA moments I had

...and the first product that sent me money...

...was a product I had acquired with resale rights.

And guess what...?

What THAT same product was later released with Private Label Rights, I ordered those rights too - and I get my money back x 10.

However... with that said...

We live in a crazy world, I know, and the online world is not an exception. I use to say that WWW is like the old “World Wild West” and on THOSE ages, you’d not feel safe without a gun.

It’s like that today... online.

Without the right knowledge, you get ripped off.

Without the right tools, you need a life to create something “good” and even then you have no clue if it sells.

My question is:
Why would you put yourself through all that new stress, when life is hard enough, so you close the ad, and carry on being a frustrated entrepreneur, waiting for that big break that never comes!

I mean....

Say you have a toothache...

I hate that kind of pain...

Don’t you?

It’s terrible...


What would you do if you had a toothache??

How would you smooth the pain?

How would you get a relief?

I mean....

Would you wait to study for becoming a dentist first and THEN discover what is the reason of that toothache and THEN try to solve your problem as an expect?

Well... it sounds like a crazy scenario, but you get the point - don’t you?

Because we both know, the asnwer would be: we’d rush to the closest dentist to have that damn tooth out if needed....


If we agree on that, then it’s easy to agree to the following statement....Partnering with a guru, reselling their products and earning commission is the ultimate way forward to make money NOW online.”?

There is no illusion or magic to it - is it??

It’s just business sense. Isn’t it?

It’s a no-gimicky, no unicorns approach to just getting a really professional product out there, sliding your name onto the end of it, and looking good.


You just skip that bit and go straight to the selling. It’s already done for you. That’s why our PLR products sell out to the MAX, every launch.

Don’t you agree?

People like to save time.

Don’t you want to save time too?

Time is costly.

And there is always someone to spend the time with much much better than trying to rediscover the wheel....
..or to become an expert first, then create the ideal product, then create the ideal marketing materials, then employ the right people.... (...more time wasted here.....) and then sell something you do not know if it will sell or not.

I know you have a toothache right now.

There is no need to become a dentist first.

In some weird way I am your dentist.

Because I can release your pain.

Seriously now, I offer solutions that sell.

The product I’ll introduce you with in some lines below, it’s no exception.

I respect your time and I have devoted my time for saving you AGES.


Time IS money…

So why are you wasting it on the thought process and even in the doing process when you are not sure if what you will do will bring the results you need.... instead of just selling what I have created for you - and even better: SIGNING the product I created for you with YOUR name - and then selling it?

Isn’t bizarre to decline this offer

Care to know?

Here's What People Are Saying About Our Services....Here Are some of the numerous testimonies Coming in from nation wide in regards to our services. The Testimonies are awesome. We Have Removed Their contact details For Privacy Reason.


KMS is real I got my payment today

July 13, 2017

I registered for Tester package and have received my commission of 4,500k

Philip chima Steven
July 7, 2017
Satisfied Client

I met KMS & KIT NG LTD online few months ago and to be sincere this is the type of system i have been looking for, I started promoting my links because i believe in my handy work.

I was paid N30,000 last week Friday and i am working to get more.

The system Rocks!"

Nnanna Uma
April 5, 2017

Although I took me some time before I could get the basics, I only activated the Facebook Advert only on Thursday morning, only to be greeted with an email that I have made a sale. Now my Bank Account has been credited this evening with the sum of N1,500 being 50% commission on the Tester Partnership. Now I am going to upgrade to the Guru Level in a matter days. Kudos to Kollydaton. Please keep the flag flying

July 7, 2017
Anambra state

I am so happy that I didn't back out when I wanted to,because I earned more than what I expected.Thank KSM for promise kept.

Maduekwe Ijeoma
July 7, 2017

This is ridiculous, I was very happy of partnering with KMS, another alert of #12500 with in a week, I'm so grateful. Give thanks to God and to KMS CEO and the teams, God will continue to strengthen you

July 7, 2017

I can say waoo cos nothing is real compared to this. It's really paying, I just got my alert overnight. Thanks to kms for their great ideas and I pray they shall continue their great works by his grace

June 17, 2017

KMS ,a very sure way of investment without​ doubt,not once ,not twice,the payment is sure,just got alert today again

Haruna Sunday Acheneje
June 17, 2017

Today again kms pay me 41000 and it is the third time of receiving infact its beyond because since the very week of joining have started receiving am just in my third weeks of partnership with this company may you live long.thanks CEO more grace

June 17, 2017

This is the second week of joining and I was just credited with 25000 and am yet to refer anybody my gratitude to kms company forward ever backward never

Osidero muibat
June 17, 2017

Well, I never knew this real. I actually received my alert when I didn't expect it. But kms still need a lot to do if we want us all to enjoy the platform. Thanks to kms.

ewien roland
June 17, 2017
Abu-Dhabi United Arab Emirates

What a fantastic ideal from KMS! I earned N83,300.00 within 3days of my membership. If someone is doing good, we should not hesitate to praise him. The man behind Kollydaton Innovation is really putting smile to many homes every weekend. More grease to your elbow!

Isaac Olusegun
June 2, 2017

I join on 31st of MAY and today I received 45k on 2nd of JUNE Kms is real.

June 2, 2017

I joined yesterday and I was paid today total of commission of #80,500
It is real.
God bless kms.

June 2, 2017

Got an email from KMS, decide to give a trial and this is the result.... Got paid N22,500. It real and no scam about it. At least I'm a living witness.

James Iriah
June 2, 2017
Satisfied Client

Kollydaton Innovations & Technology has cleared my doubt 100%, 10/10…this is best online biz I have ever invested in…

Please I want to urge every subscriber to invite more people and to also advise Kollydaton Innovations & Technology not to relent in this good work they are doing…

The sky is our stating point.. Thank you

Usman Okeme
April 25, 2017
Satisfied Client

I must confess this system works. ….

I received payment yesterday Incentives to work harder Kudos to the team

Ngkay Ukoha
April 23, 2017
Satisfied Client

"This system really rocks, I was paid 18k last week and hoping to work and get more.

This is not ponzi that won't last long, i believe it would last for ever. Are you still waiting to read this from the end???."

Mr Obinna Olisah
April 18, 2017
Satisfied Client

Just to inform you that i just got alert of 6k and went to check my partnership account and discovered that one of my referees has paid


Prince Ikechukwu
April 10, 2017
Satisfied Client

I'll actually give you guys 10 over 5 ratings as you have over done my work and am giving you over ratings.

You guys are really good at what you do. And i am saying this without doubt, if you really need a good support, fast work done and boosting up your business, i am recommending Kollydaton Innovations And Technology for you.

Thanks you so much and God bless you real good Amen!

Mr Tolulope Agbana
Medical Doctor, Researcher and Author~
March 30, 2017
Certified Guru

KMS & Kollydaton innovation and technology is a world class brand with quality service and good customer care.

I've been doing business with them for over 5 years now and it's been awesome so far.

Emmanuel Manu G Eseigbe
March 29, 2017
Satisfied Client

"Kollydaton Innovations And Technology, you guys are really great. I have never met them but they have been very forthright and always ready to help. The import package I paid for was promptly delivered.

KIT NG LTD still called to find out if I have gotten the package. They are primus inter pares; best among equals. What a wonderful customer and good business relations I am enjoying from you guys. please keep it up! They are not online scammers but God fearing people."

Mr FEMI Okunola
Online Preneur
March 15, 2017
Certified Guru

Successful business know that customer satisfaction is crucial to success and that satisfied customers translate into long-term customers.

This is what i have come to understand about Kollydaton Innovations And technology. He's Money-Making guides and systems would skyrock anyone to greater heights in the aspect of financial increment in business concern regarding what he delivers.

He is certain and very on point on his dealings with his clients which in turn always goes down to the root in making sure his direct clients get the great impact they desire.

I would recommend anyone to him as far as internet businesses are concerned.

March 9, 2017

Need more Testimonies?

I think these are enough..We can't load everything here......

Listen to me carefully sir/madam. Do not let anyone brain-wash you with BS, the only way to earn consistent & continuous legal money online is to sell.

Yes! Selling your brain by offering what you have got in your skull or selling someone brain by offering what he/she has got in his/her skull.

You still don't get it?

No worries, you would get it once you subscribe to our news letters and also subscribe for our partnership program. We will surely train you even if you are a newbie to internet business.

So.....Below are what you would get if you join our partnership system today

One Time N12,000 or $37.20 partnership Fee

Newsletters/Video introduction about selling your brain

Access to over 50 products, plugins, softwares, courses, services and earn up to 50% commission

Over 30 attractive and convincing contents(swipes) you can use to promote our products, plugins, softwares, courses, services.With this, your friend(s) would be forced to buy your brain

14 days ready made news letters that sells like crazy: Copy, Edit, Input your partnership link, post on your social media walls or via email to your prospects and earn crazy figures. My Sweetheart, with this alone, Your friends will beg to join through your partnership link.

Access to other partners via our Facebook Group

Free professional promotional tools

Weekly video training

Top Notch and Friendly Customer Support

Bonuses - Over 25 Exclusive BONUSES
We are offering following bonuses with KMS Partnership Program

Yes! If you join our partnership program today by following our instructions and place your order. You will have access to Quick Action Taker (QAT) bonuses that would lead you the right part to start earning millions of Naira every single MONTH.

Do you think or Are you saying am a joker?

Oh No, I wasn't sleeping and I was not drunk while typing this....I am saying MILLIONS of naiara every single MONTH Let the success stories of KMS and other people doing this business keep your mouth open below.

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We will be acceping 1st 50 people to join and activate their account with one time launching fee of N12,000. Once we reach our target the price goes back to N24,000 regular rate.

Dear visitor, I just want you to try this program and see for yourself. I don't want this opportunity to pass you by. Trust me, it will surely earn your money to fufil your dream.