5 Plus One Reasons You Should be an Entrepreneur

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The salary you earn is high, but something keeps nudging you that you can do better than the amount you are earning. The job seems okay, others are seriously coveting it, but you’re sure you will be better off when you run your things. You are sure it’s okay to go solo, but you are not certain if you can meet up with the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur. If you are in doubt, the followings are reasons that will motivate you to take the bold step and become your own boss.


There is nothing as valuable as freedom. The opportunities that come with being an entrepreneur are unquantifiable. You call the shots; you decide your own fate and that of your business, design policies that will help grow your business. You are not restricted to a box of 8 to 5 when it comes to working hours. It is sweet when you chose to go for vacation after you have hit it big in a deal. As a matter of fact, slavery is associated with paid employment. The rigidity in it may not give you the liberty to explore what you can deliver. The freedom you are going to enjoy should not stop you from being self-disciplined. While you enjoy the freedom associated with being self-employed ensure that your purpose of being an entrepreneur is not defeated. Make money on schedule.

Job Security

Despite governmental policies and labour laws across the globe, the rights of employees are being trampled upon on a daily basis. Many are fired from work without impunity. These days, employees are made to sign contracts that they could be dismissed at any time at the discretion of the employers. Even when an employer is unwilling to sack his workers, economic hurdles may make him to tell you good bye. After all you cannot work for free. There is no need to be emotional about the situation; the rational approach to matters is that you become your own boss. Nobody will fire you from your own work. While working, endeavour to treat your clients properly and you will never be out of job. Entrepreneurship is sweet.

Opportunity to grow

Irrespective of the country and the currency, paid employers are hardly millionaires. The top twenty richest people in the world own their businesses, they are entrepreneurs. Those in paid employment get to achieve tangible things in life when they get loans with high interest rates. Sometimes they spend the whole of their working years servicing the loan and the interest accrued. As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity of becoming big if you are consistent and hardworking. Contracts come to you directly and to your organization, you get to execute the contract on your own and make all the profits on your own. Even if you are starting small now, you will hit it big one day, eventually. There is nothing to hit big in a paid employment.

Direct contribution to the economy

Now you are getting responsible and you have the opportunity to grow the economy of your country. You pay rents, you pay tax, you pay pension fund for your employee, you license your business and your vehicles, you are a part of trade union, and with time, you might go international and improve trade relations between your country and other countries of the world. A paid employer will not be given that opportunity. You want to be an influential citizen and boost the economy of your nation? Its time you seriously think about quitting that salary earning job of yours, its time you go solo.

Opportunity to empower others

When you are restricted to paid employment, it is very difficult for you to empower other people. Even if you desire to do so, your salary is limiting you. Entrepreneurship gives you an opportunity to empower others. You get to employ people and put smile on their faces as they cater for themselves and their family through the money you pay as salaries.

As your business grows the number of people you empower grow. You can now start considering corporate social responsibility and give back to the society that has done a lot to boost your business. Interestingly, as you empower others, you empower yourself and grow your business.

You leave a legacy behind

Steve Jobs is dead, but his legacy is Apple. If Jobs had taken the path of paid employment, he wouldn’t be remembered for what he is today; he might not be remembered at all. When you make the bold step of becoming an entrepreneur, you are creating an opportunity to leave a legacy behind. Legacy is not just in the name, it is the wealth too. Your children and the generations after them may not go into poverty just because you are bold enough to shun the paid employment and get established as an entrepreneur.

Don’t rush, count the cost, do your survey, weigh your options, consider your strengths and area of expertise, then leap! Who knows you might end up the richest person in the world.


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