Dear Potential Soon To Be Online Successful,

I am Kolawole Saporu the C.E.O of KMS & KIT NG LTD also well known successful online entrepreneur (Info marketer) around the net. I have been around the net for over 10 Years with no scam record and I know what people want.

I teach people nationally and internationally how to make legal money online and also help people to make sales...We are not just one but team members. Facebook Profile: Facebook Page:

Over 204,000 Subscribers Managed Already. See screen shot below

If you want your bank account to get fat like those ones below then you need to read every bit on this page.

I have been receiving several calls, FB inboxes, Whatsapp Inboxes e.t.c requesting me to teach them how to make legitimate money online especially from the newbies.

The funniest part is, some of them never believed in internet business until I show off my new Toyota Camry 2009 Model machine I bought few weeks ago via legitimate internet business

Though I have been busy doing other project and also thinking what I could do to train you and other thousands of my subscribers how to make it real online.

But guess what????

You are lucky today because I am going to setup a Legal Internet Business for you that runs on AUTOPILOT and that could start netting you between N20,000 to N450,000 every Week or Monthly.

Without wasting much of your time......

KMS Partners’ Network – It is regarded as a marketing skill or association between KMS Brand and you (Partner), in which we pay the Partner a commission for referring someone else to purchase the vendor’s product or service through the Partner’s Blog/ Website which we have developed for the vendor.

Here are what it takes/benefits in order to JOIN 7 figures Earners Crew

1. Computer or A Good Mobile Phone

2. Internet Connection
3. New Facebook Account (For advertisement
4. Valid Email Address.


1. 95% done for you including advertisment.
2. 24/5 support

Do you know there are over 1.65 billion monthly active Facebook users (MAUs) Worldwide which is a 15 percent increase year over year. (Source: Facebook as of 4/27/16) What this means for you: In case you had any lingering doubts, statistically, Facebook is too big to ignore. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING FROM THE SOURCE OR CLICK HERE TO CHECK THE STATISTICS DIRECTLY FROM FACEBOOK


It sounds so funny to me seeing some people online on Facebook wasting their data commenting and liking girls pictures, discussing sort of nonsense that will never fetch them cash while some of their mate like myself Saporu kolawole and my other colleagues are using Facebook to fill up our bank accounts

Facebook is not just ordinary social media you could only be using for fun. Facebook is more than what you are thinking but I do not blame you because you are yet to discover it. But if you take action today, you will discover many things facebook is made of.

Here is What am Talking About

The screen shot shown above refer to a group on Facebook with 28,647 members that are interested in making legitimate money online. You too can join the group, get approved in few minutes time and start sharing your own legal money making opportunity.

Over 1.5 million active members on Nairaland.

Warning: Only 25 Spot available

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Kindly be advised to choose wisely. Once you choose a plan and you plan to upgrade in future, we do not accept paying top-up fee in order to balance the equation of the next plan. You will have to pay full payment of any plan you are upgrading to. The reason is simply because we offer lifetime partnership program for all our partners. Thanks for your understanding

KMS Partnership Business PLANS .


1. 3 Days Advertisement

2. 10 Hot Product Offer

3. Runs on Autopilot (No referral/No Ponzi/No Scam/No HYIP/No Forex). It is LEGAL

Price: =  N25,000 Onetime CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW


1. 2 Weeks Advertisement

2. 21 Hot Product Offer

3. 3. Runs on Autopilot (No referral/No Ponzi/No Scam/No HYIP/No Forex). It is LEGAL

4. Resell our partnership plans through your partnership link and earn extra 20% from them.

5. Hot Bonus packages (listed below)

Price: =  N50,000 Onetime CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW


 Introduction to Legal Internet Business [Video & Tools]

 If you are new to legal internet business but have passion for it then this video is for you. Inside this video, you will discover what online and offline business is and what it takes to start any of the two.

 How to download videos from youtube and facebook etc

 Inside this video, you will learn how to easily download video from Youtube and Facebook.

Online Recharge Card Printing Business Course [Video & Tools]

Inside this video course, you will discover the step by step guide to start recharge card printing business online without any software. Just your Internet connection and your printer.

How to Import Hot Products Within Nigeria and Start Earning 100% pure profits [New Secrete] Over 1 Million Every Single Month is Guarantee With this Business.

Inside this PDF file, you will discover the step by step guide to import hot demand products within Nigeria and make 100% profits. You will also discover how you could start earning inclusive bonuse from this company through your down line, every time your downline buy anything from thus company when you bring downline for them. This is crazy and proven working.

Blogging Cash System

Inside this course, you will discover the step by step guide to start blogging and start making pure profits from it..

Static VPN Software for Andriod, Mac & Windows [Video & Tools]

Inside this course, you will discover a secrete website to get a reliable and Static IP with All country server at cheapest rate.

How to Create a Professional FACEBOOK ADS [VIDEO]

Inside this video course, you will discover the step by step guide to create a profitable facebook advertisement.

1 Year Free PERSONAL Hosting Like This[Click here to see]

Free quality web hosting for you from Without hosting and domain your website/business is doom. So, if you have been planning to own a website then this package is for you.

Freelancer Job-All you need to know about fiverr business-Part 1,2 & 3 (HOT NICHE) [Video & Tools]

Inside this video tutorials and tools, you will discover how to rake in thousands of legal dollars online and withdraw it with a foreign card right here in Nigeria. This course is packaged with well explanatory video course and tools to use.

Over 250 Hot Ready-Made Newsletters That Sells Like Crazy

If you are an email marketer or upcoming email marketer then you will understand the usefulness of this product. You don't even need to start racking your brain to compose anything, copy and edit this ready made news letter and send it to your prospect. You will surely smile to your crazy sales.

How to Start Web Hosting Business in Nigeria With N5,500,000 Only and Start Earning Over N1,000,000 Per Month.

Yes, you would get a fully customized web hosting portal that runs on AUTOPILOT with our secrete of earning (This is new secrete, i bet you, you don't know it).

How to Start Solo Ads Business and Start Raking in Between 500k to 700k Every Month with 500,000 Startup Clients.

This is one of the best money making course and strategy because so many companies and individual are out there seeking for an alternative way to advertise their product.You could learn this alternative way called SOLO ADS, start offering it for people and start raking in craziest profits every single day/week

Importation Madness (The secret of importation business) [Video]

This is the evergreen secrete of importation business. Many people don't know this and and that's why they make no profits. They thought Importation Business is not real but that's not true. The only problem there is that they are yet to come across the right tool but I bet you, this video course is the right tool right now.

All you need to know about foreign ATM card and USA bank account-payoneer course

Inside this video course, you will discover how to get a foreign ATM card and a USA bank account shipped to your door step anywhere you are in Nigeria or Abroad for free and use it for any online purchases plus you can even receive dollar funds inside this card and withdraw it anywhere Master Card is accepted.


This is an e-book/video to teach you how to Unlock different USB modems and use any Sim card of your choice with it and you don’t have to get many modems because of unstable networks , and you can also start earning by Unlocking modem for people.


This is an e-book/video to teach you how to Unlock different USB modems and use any Sim card of your choice with it and you don’t have to get many modems because of unstable networks , and you can also start earning by Unlocking modem for people.


Within just 21 days, No lawyer, and with just #10,000 you can now register your Company. Name with the Corporate affairs Commission CAC , this E-book will Teach you.

Over 700,000 Nigerians Valid Email Addresses

You will have access to over N700,000 valid Nigeria Email Address. These email addresses are the same email address I am using for my email marketing. They are hungry buyers and very responsive..

Over N64,000,000 Latest & Valid Nigerians Phone Number Database

You will have access to over N64,000,000 latest & valid Nigeria Phone Number Database.... You can resale this or use it to promote your products and services via SMS Marketing.


Slot: Only 25 available

 So, if you are interested in joining THE 7 FIGURE GURUS AND DISCOVER HOW YOU COULD START PROFITING OVER N450,000 MONTHLY DOING LEGITIMATE ONLINE BUSINESS with our great courses and tools.....then Follow the instructions below



If you have any question about this, Kindly Put a call through 08066532267 9am - 4pm Monday's to Fridays.

Workaholic Team available 24/5


Working Hours/Days: 9am - 4pm Monday's to Fridays.


Note: We will Only be accepting 25 serious people that are ready to join the  Legitimate Internet Business Millionaires. If you are really Interested, Then You Have to take action today Before the space get occupied.

I surely believe in Jim Rohn’s quote that says

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”

If you have any question About this, kindly Reach out to me. You can get in touch with us via any of the following means:


Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

QUESTION: Can I call you anytime I have a question or you would just set this up for me and disappear?

ANSWER: Please feel FREE to call, sms, whatsapp, email us anytime of the day except from 9am to 4pm. Modays to Fridays only.

QUESTION: How do I answer people who ask questions from me about any of the products?

ANSWER: First, being a KMS Partner give you access to some of our products and ebooks. We believe you’ll get to understand them in applying them even if you want to sell them on your site. As regarding any external questions, please feel free to contact us immediately to give you a prompt answer.

QUESTION: Can I still make money from this online partners’ business system without a personal laptop?

ANSWER: Yes. You can use your mobile phone or a cyber cafe. All the work is done for you 95%.

QUESTION: Can I pay installmentally?

ANSWER:Yes you can choose to pay the money installmentally pending upon receipt of completion. We will send you reminder notice automatically.

QUESTION: Can I upgrade to a higher partnership level later?

ANSWER: Yes you can upgrade to a higher one at any time. All you have to do is to contact us regarding that.

QUESTION: After setting it up, what will I do to make money from it?

ANSWER: After setting your account/ website or blog
up. We would advertise for you and all you have to do is to answer your customer question.

QUESTION: When people buy through my partnership link, who will deliver the product to them?

ANSWER: Our payment gateway is automatic and we send the product they have paid for to their email instantly even at 2 am.

QUESTION: Will you set up a website for me?

ANSWER: Yes. We will set up a website for you if you order for our GURU or other Higher Plans Package within 2 to 3 days.

QUESTION: How will I know when people buy through my partnership link?

ANSWER: With our robust application which, the applications would give you a detailed statistics of your payments history and commission accrued to your account. Also, we will send you an automatic payment receipt to your email registered with us. The payment details of the customer will
also be sent to you.

QUESTION: Which bank account will I use to receive the money?

ANSWER: We place our Bank account as well on your website/ blog and also place our online payment gateway. These payments are paid to you directly any time you make sales or to your Bank account every Friday of the Week of the month if we make sale on your behalf.

QUESTION: How do I add my own bank account details?

ANSWER: Once you register, you make payment and KMS got your account activated. We will guide you to add your bank account details via KMS Partnership Area. or CLICK HERE FOR THE TUTORIAL

QUESTION: How and When will I be paid my commissions?

ANSWER: We pay our members Weekly every Fridays. These are payments from their online ATM payment gateways made by their customers.

QUESTION: Like how much can I make Per month from this KMS Partners’ Network?

ANSWER: You can make between ₦20,000 to over ₦450,000 with KMS Weekly or Monthly but payments are made to your Bank account every Friday depending on how well you utilize your brand of website with us and also depends on your partnership plan with us.

QUESTION: How will I make money from this System?

ANSWER: First, we will have to create a unqiue Website/ Blog for you if you subscribe for the GURU or higher plans. We will monetize, the website/ blog, we will give you automated tools to use and get people to buy your products. We pay you on payments made automatically via our online ATM Payment gateway. But your Bank account will also be there on your partnership area.

QUESTION: Can a complete Newbie, Novice or Student do this *Awesome* Partners’ Business?

ANSWER: Absolutely YES!

QUESTION: Will i be paid if no sales?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, you can't be paid if you do not have commission! No sale No Commission

QUESTION: What is KMS Partnership’ Network All About?

ANSWER: KMS Partners’ Network – It is regarded as a marketing skill or association between KMS Brand and you (Partner), in which the we pay the Partner a commission for referring someone else to purchase the vendor’s product or service through the Partner’s Blog/ Website which we have developed for the vendor.


1. They are always scared to take risk and always think negatively about taking risk.

2. They are full of doubts which is of no use. Doubting Thomases will always remain poor.

3. They are always waiting for someone to succeed first before joining when you can be the success story yourself.

4. They are loaded with fear of failed ponzi schemes, PH & GH of those *Whatsapp scammers. KMS Partnership Program is not Ponzi. It is registered in Nigeria.

5. They are comfortable with their current position, preferring to remain in their comfort zones which is most times a life of pain, bitterness, and lack. And sickness, because poverty is a great sickness.
Oooh! how long shall you be comfortable in your uncomfortable situation?

6. Always looking for proof and result. If Dangote was looking up to others for proofs and results, he will not be the success story he is today.

7. Some people when they are down, just stay down, refusing to get up. Check out all the millionaires you know today. They had their ups and downs. It was never smooth and rosy all the time. But they had a good nose for good opportunities and always grabbed them not minding any previous experiences that wasn't too good. That always gave them an edge over others. That kept them standing tall far above their peers and counterparts.

The wise start earlier while losers is busy looking up to the sky if there will be rain

So many people are making money on KMS PARTNERSHIP BUSINESS & Great things are happening in this community.

Be part of the success story .

Remember all the work is done for you 95% even if you are a complete newbie to online legal business. you will surely make money from us.

Also be informed that products are few but selling the partnership plans is the main business.

After clicking on any of your choice of plan above, you will be redirected to where to select your plan and fill a form. Kindly select your choice of plan again and fill all the form. Submit and follow the rest instructions to make payment and submit neccessary information.

Best Regards & In Partnering with;


Saporu Kolawole. A (IM Tycoon)
License to make you kesh even on a block Head!


We are Corporate Affairs Commission [CAC], Accredited, Registered Company

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